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The Soldiers Tomb

Trinitatis Church Cemetery

Date of Placement:
6th of July 1853

H.W. Bissen (relief) and M.G. Bindesbøll (construction work)

Description and background:

The construction is a 1,6 meter high wall surrounding a tomb together with a bronze relief which shows two soldiers carrying a fallen comrade to the grave.            

Two days after the sortie/outbreak from Fredericia on the 6th of July 1849, 372 Danish soldiers were buried in the collective tomb. The tomb also contains 26 soldiers who were previously killed during the siege of the town, 48 soldiers who had fallen in combats in April and May 1849 together with 7 men who were killed at the battle of Isted in 1850. The tomb had caved in very much during the winter of 1849/50 and therefore it was decided to build a proper tomb construction.                


Bissen´s bronze relief by the Soldiers Grave


6th of July 1849

All the fallens´ names, their domicile/designation and military affiliation is carved in the wall surrounding the tomb.