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On the South East corner of Trinitatis Churchyard on the opposite place of the oak tree compared to the older monument.

Date of  placement
After 1837

Description and background:

The Monument was erected in memory of Prince Frederic (the /7th ) and his stay in Fredericia 1834-39. During this stay he planted the oak tree in memory of 500 Jutlandish dragoons who on October the 24th  1657 were killed during the Swedish assault on the town. They are said to be buried at this place. The inscription on the stone indicates that Prince Frederic also erected the older monument on The Dragoon Grave which probably is not true. One doesn´t know exactly when the younger stone was erected but likely this happened much later.

The two Monuments are placed on either side of the big oak tree


Under this oak tree

rest 500 brave dragoons from Jutland

who on this graveyard in 1657

fought a last stand

King frederic the 7th planted this oak

and erected this monument in 1837*

when he as a crown prince stayed

in Fredericia

*The correct year is 1836