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The South East corner of Trinitatis Churchyard.

Date of  placement
24th of October 1836

Description and background:

The Monument was erected in memory of the 500 dragoons from Jutland who on the 24th  of October 1657 were killed during the Swedish assult on the town and according to legend later were buried here. On the stone there is a big two hand sword decorated by an ornament of grace in cast iron. A metal plaque with a relief of a skull and crossed bones has been put in. Behind the stone Crown Prince Frederic (the 7th) planted an oak tree in memory of the deed. The grave itself  consists of a knoll covered by a smaller stone. The Monument is the town´s oldest erected by the citizens lead by the doctor Holger Fangel.


On the 24th of October 1657                                      

Decorate High Swords of heroes, this grave of the bold

to whom death was nothing but duty and honour

this ornament of grace was given by citizens in benefit

Of long memory of coming generations!