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Peace Keeper Rose

Outside of Bulow´s Barracks, Øster Voldgade 18

Date of placement:

Description and background:

The Memorial is a bed of roses in the middle of which a wooden pole carrying two metal plaques is erected. Fredericia Municipalty, The Blue Barets (UN soldiers) and the Telegraph Regiment planted the garden bed in 1995 and on the occation of the celebration of the 50 years anniversary of foundation of the United Nations on October the 24th 1945.

The lower metal plaque was added in 2006 on the event of the first peacekeeping forces of the United Nations which set off giving a parade in Øster Voldgade in front of the barracks. The forces involved was a joint Danish/Norwegian squad which was deployed to Suez, the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza.

Peace Keeper Rose

United Nations
1945 - 1995 

In honour of the personell who participated in
the peace keeping operations of the United Nations

The United Nations´soldierfellowship ”The Blue Barets”

24th of October 1995 (the upper plaque)

(Above: The Logo of the peace keeping forces of the UN)