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Sct. Michaelis Church Graveyard

Day of Placement:
6th of July, 1866

Description and Background:

The grave contains the bodies of forty soldiers from 1864 and is made up of a grassy knoll supported by a boulder granite wall. Two natural stones placed upon each other wears inscriptions and a lesser stone in the grass gives the name of the only officer buried in the memorial. In every corner of the grave is placed a column which ends in a ball. These are later revisions in memory of the Reunion of 1920. Only a few of the buried soldiers died in combat since there were no actual acts of war around Fredericia in 1864. The Fortress was given up/abandoned without fight because of the defeat at Dybbøl. Typhus is likely the cause of death of most of the corpses in the grave.



In Memory of

40 Danish soldiers


The Lord is the rock of my heart and 

my part of eternity 

(PS. 73.26)

Stay strong in our Lord

Eph. 6,10

(the two natural stones)

Chr. Christensen, Second Lieutenant of 21st

Regiment fallen at Fredericia on March the 23rd 1864

(The gravestone in the grass)

9th of July


(Two of the columns)