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Memory Plaque at the Upper Secondary School (Grammar School)

At Fredericia Gymnasium,Nørrebrogade 88. Placed to the left of the main entrance. From 1946-1974 it was placed at the then Gymnasium at 6th of Julystreet (6. Julivej).

Date of placement:
4th of May 1946

Description and background:
The Memory Plaque is a hung up stone tablet and is set up in memory of five students from the Gymnasium who died in the resistance fight during Dennmark´s occupation (1940-1945). 

The five were:

Vilhelm H.H. Holst – wounded by German firering and dead in Vestre Fængsel (Prison in Copenhagen) on the 1st of March 1945.

Egil Bruno Wendell de Neergaard – executed by the Germans at Ryvangen (an executation spot in Copenhagen) the 29th of March 1945

Hans Christian Just Petersen, Ivar Lassen and Hans Eeg – Executed by the Germans at Ryvangen on the 19th of April 1945 (just 15 days before the capitulation of the Germans)


Name, date of birth, date of death of the 5.

They could have stayed in everyday life  

But They had to go. They were called

And all did they give their gift

The same, for it was all (they held)

Nordahl Grieg